Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, September 2023 
Significance of Aviation Safety, Its Evaluation, and Ways to Strengthen Security

Pages 37-45


Mohammad Hossein MoghimiEsfandabadi; Mohammad Hassan Djavareshkian; Sina Abedi

Review Article

Origins of Cyber Security: Short Report

Pages 77-83


Ashkan Kazemi; Mohsen Kalhornia Golkar; Shakib Lajmiri

Original Research Article

Maintenance Grouping Optimization with Air Systems to Improve Risk Management

Pages 85-91


Mohammad hossein MoghimiEsfandabadi; Mohammad Hassan Djavareshkian

Short/Technical paper

Neutronic and Safety Analysis of CAREM-25 Small Modular Reactor Using Supermc Advanced Code

Pages 107-113


Saeed Zare Ganjaroodi; Hossein Khameh; Mohammadreza Kazem farahzadi; Yaser Kasesaz; Ehsan Zarifi