Charge Management of Energy Storage Devices Considering Battery Wear in IoT-based Distribution Networks

Document Type : Original Research Article


Khuzestan regional electric company, Ahvaz, Iran


This research paper comprehensively analyzes the advantages of integrating energy storage resources into an energy management system, highlighting how it can significantly improve profitability and overall energy quality. One of the key benefits is the ability to regulate charging and discharging cycles, which helps prolong the service life of storage devices. In addition, the study delves into the influence of consumer behavior and the Internet of Things (IoT) on energy storage charge management, identifying important insights for enhancing efficiency. The optimization process for this investigation utilizes the YALMIP and MOSEK toolboxes, ensuring rigorous and accurate results. The experimentation is conducted on an IEEE standard 33-bus network, offering a robust foundation for real-world applications. The research outcomes demonstrate remarkable enhancements in both technical and economic parameters, including energy storage resources. By harnessing the potential of energy storage, businesses and industries can achieve greater cost savings and operational efficiencies. Furthermore, the paper considers the longevity of storage resources, comprehensively comparing results. This factor is crucial in determining such systems' long-term benefits and sustainability. In conclusion, the study underscores the immense advantages that IoT technology brings to energy management and its positive impact on consumers. By leveraging IoT capabilities and integrating energy storage resources intelligently, optimal consumption management can be achieved, leading to a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.


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