Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Moment Resisting Concrete Frames

Document Type : Original Research Article


Structural Engineering Department, International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Tehran, Iran


A comprehensive reliability analysis of moment resisting frame is presented in this article in which uncertainties in loadings, material properties, and member cross section properties are included. Performance of designed structures and their reliability in real earthquakes is an important issue these days. In this research study, two moment resisting concrete frame structures, which is the most common type of structures in Iran, are designed based on Section 9 of the Iran National Building Regulations and its analytical model is constructed. Using OpenSEES software, the finite element simulations and reliability analyses are performed with different distribution functions for the mentioned parameters. By using the generated parameters, the ultimate limit functions for structural failure are examined. Results show that incorporating uncertainties in loading, cross section dimension, and material properties could result in a considerable impact on reliability of designed structures.


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