Aviation Safety International Standards in the Framework of National Air Law

Document Type : Original Research Article


Research Institute, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Expansion of aviation is not achievable without regulating and improving air safety worldwide. Air safety in aviation has always been associated with approving and implementing national and international laws, regulations and standards. The international aviation community has approved uniform safety regulations under treaties, bilateral agreements, and internationally required standards. The international civil aviation organization (ICAO) is continuously updating standards following the development of aviation technologies. However, implementing international air safety standards involves compliance with and implementation of the regulations by the states in their air transportation. With the adoption and updating of international air standards of ICAO, do the member states comply with them? Member States are not in the same status regarding the development of the aviation industry. Various political, economic, and technical factors impede countries' correct and appropriate implementation of standards. Hence, the member countries should obtain a legal method so that the international technical air standards in their aviation industry become mandatory. However, they should adopt these standards under national law and harmonize them with international air standards. Formulating them under national law is the preferred way to comply with these uniform international safety standards. To accomplish this, the relevant national legal and regulatory infrastructure for air regulations should be established in all states. The author first explains the theoretical and practical basis of developing comprehensive international aviation safety standards and then describes the mechanism and process of approving these standards in the framework of the national code.


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