A reliable fracture mechanics

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1 Department of Civil Engineering Shiraz University

2 Assistant professor Parsian Azad University

3 Department of Mechanical Engineering Shiraz University



The behavior of cracked structures, is investigated in mechanics. Since there is no intact structure in the world, then the importance of fracture mechanics is accentuated. Unfortunately, there are epistemic uncertainty in the mathematical basis of classical fracture mechanics. Toward remedy, intensive investigation of the present authors and their co-researchers in the past two decades gave birth to the change of state philosophy. In this philosophy, a phenomenon is modelled as a change of state of the system between origin and destination. Via logical reasoning and mathematical logics the state of the system in each point of its lifetime is expressed in terms of two functional, which are defined in terms of the state functions and two control parameters, and finally casted in the so called Persian curves. The proposed philosophy is applied to fracture mechanics, where the fracture is conceived as the change (crack) of state of the structure from crack threshold to failure. In comply with the current custom in the literature, the results are compared with those of the others and the validity of the work is verified.


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